Today I want to tell y’all about our spectacular trip to Arizona. I hope this tale gets your creative juices flowing and you find some great ideas for your next trip.


We decided it was time to get our outdoors on. So we found the cheapest flights we could and flew to Phoenix. I cannot get over how well organized the car rental system is out of Phoenix. Loooove iit!!!! After picking up the car we headed towards Williams for our grand adventure on the Grand Canyon Railway.

On our way up we stopped for lunch in Flagstaff. We ate at Lumberyard Brewing Company. Very cool spot! They have a great outdoor patio that faces the railroad and past that the mountains. What better way to savor a good beer and a tasty lunch right?


Next we stopped at Bearizona because I’m me and they have animals. Enough said. Bearizona is more than three miles of drive through forest viewing North American animals in their natural habitats. You can also visit Fort Bearizona, which is the walk-thru zoo type area of Bearizona. They have an aviation show, a petting area, aaaaaaand I got to see baby bears! Awwww little boop boops.

We finally made it to Williams and the Grand Canyon Railway Hotel. We are AAA members and got a great rate on a package deal. It was nice and clean with a very historic feel. They had all sorts of cute cutouts along the pathways for great photo opportunities. Our meals were included in our package at the Old Depot Café. We did however check out the bar in the hotel for a while ;).  We decided to explore this quaint little town and found some great gems; such as a zip line across the outskirts of town and an original saloon.

In the morning we enjoyed a Wild West shootout before hopping on the train. Along our way to Grand Canyon Village we saw prairie dogs, cows, and deer. The dusty grass under a bright blue sky scattered with fluffy white clouds swiftly passed by. In what seemed like no time (but was actually more like 2 ½ hours) we made it. From the train we hopped on a motor coach bus tour that took us along the rim of the canyon. I thought it was interesting to learn that the village at the Grand Canyon Village is a real village. Huh I guess that’s why they called it a village. Shocker. It’s mostly comprised of people who work in the park and their families. They even have their own school. After our tour we wondered around on our own for a bit. We visited Hopi House, Lookout Studio, and Kolb Studio. We took one of the last buses and enjoyed the sun setting along the canyon before bed.


The next morning we got up and froze to death to watch the sunrise but it was completely worth it. We hiked along the Rim Trail for some nice views and then a quarter of the way down the Bright Angel Trail. The Bright Angel Trail is the one that goes all the way down into the canyon. Be Warned!!! This trail is deceptively easy going down. Coming back up is a whole ‘nother story. Seriously, if you don’t normally hike bring water and be prepared for some serious exercise. We actually planned on going further in but were afraid we would miss the bus. It’s a good thing we changed our minds because it took double the time to get back up. We ate at the Bright Angel Lodges café. They had the best jalapeño blue cornbread I have ever had in my life. I could have eaten a whole batch. Mmmmmm

On the train ride back some cows had gotten loose and tried to chase the train. Too cute 🙂 Then we were robbed! By bandits on horseback! Whaaaaat?! Yep I got held up by a banana. True story.

Proof of banana hold up right here folks

We had dinner at the Grand Depot Café and then headed out to Sedona. Sedona is a lovely town chock full of life. Stay tuned for my next post where I continue our Arizona trip in Sedona. I’ll tell you some great things to see and do there.

Have you ever been to the Grand Canyon? What are some of your favorite memories?