“Chicago, Chicago I will show you around

I love it bet your bottom dollar you’ll lose the blues in Chicago, Chicago” – Chicago by Frank Sinatra


Hubby and I decided it would be fun to do a quick 3 day weekend trip. We flew into Midway and used the Shuttle Service to get to the hotel (the train was closed for construction going into town). We did get a rail pass for the rest of the trip. It’s so cheap and easy to get around; especially with google maps updated system. It tells you where and how far to walk, what bus to take, what train to take and when to get off. It’s awesome!


The night we got in we went to Buddy Guy’s Legend and saw Dave Weld and the Imperials. Great blues bar. I even got a free t-shirt!  Unfortunately we got in so late this is really all we had time to do Friday.


Saturday was a whole ‘nother story. We got up early and didn’t stop all day. First things first we had to fuel up for a day of touring. We decided to check out Yolk, a very popular breakfast stop in Chicago. Weeee porked out.


After that we hit Navy pier, Millennium Park, the Field Museum, and soldier Field. Haaaad to get a picture with the Bean!

The Bean is actually a nickname; Cloud Gate is a sculpture by artist Anish Kapoor which was finished in 2006. If you’re a kid at heart like me make sure to walk underneath and around the sculpture. The distorted images much like that of fun house mirrors are pretty darn entertaining.

The Bean

We were getting pretty hungry while walking around the parks and just so happened to find a Kim and Carlo’s right around the corner! What’s a visit to Chicago without a street dog?!

It was unusually hot the weekend we visited so we decided that it was time to do some indoor touring. Have you guys heard of Eataly? This huge mega store has about 63,000 square feet of space and about 22 different restaurants and bars. Everything is made to perfection with quality ingredients. My favorite spot was the limoncello bar. I got a pomegranate limoncello. We were here for like 2 hours lol.


For dinner we of course haaaaad to have a famous Chicago deep dish pizza so we asked the locals where the best place was and headed over to Lou Malnati’s.

For this evening’s entertainment we wandered over to Jazz Showcase. I checked my fitbit while we were sitting there. I had over 20,000 steps! I normally only walk about 9,000. So you can understand why I may or may not have possible started to fall asleep while sitting up on my stool. Don’t judge.


We enjoyed Yolk so much the day before that we went back for breakfast Sunday lol. Then we headed over to the Shedd Aquarium to visit the fishies. I love aquariums and mueseums. All of the colors and history; it’s magical.

Lunch was served up on a bed of bread. We snagged an extra greasy and extra delicious burger at Devil Dawgs. After lunch we wandered The Art Institute of Chicago for a while and then it was time to head home. Farewell Chicago, until next time!

Art Institute of Chicago

There are a tooooooon of other things to do in Chicago but we intend to go back so we purposely missed a lot. If you want to pack more in I recommend taking a Big Bus Tour your first day to get your bearings and see what you want to spend more time doing. Also Chicago offers a City Pass which is a great way to save on the major attractions. If you rent a car make sure to go out to Wrigley field. That is definitely on our bucket list.

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